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"The Jackpot Digger Jig is the most used bottom jig in my arsenal! I have every size and every color available so I can see what the fish are keying in on, on any particular day."

                                               - Capt. Tom Logon

                                                                   Fish Trap

"The Jackpot Digger Jig is, by far, the hottest selling jig in my shop. Can't keep 'em on the rack 'cause they work, i know, because I use them myself."

                                                         - Mike Wade 

                 Owner of Watch Hill Outfitters

I'm putting a plug in for the Jackpot Digger. Buy them and use them. I bought five in the spring in the 4 oz and 5 oz size and in different styes. They all worked. I"ve caught bluefish, striper (big ones), fluke and best of all cod. They hold up to being chewed on, The bucktails hold up. No rust. Make sure you wash them down. If you want to catch fish these jigs work (Provided that the fish are there to begin with.) Thank you Mrs. Jackpot.

                                               - Stephen Sarnosky